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The premise from Netflix is: "Join Captain Daly and his trusty crew as they explore the galaxy and the dangers of unknown alien planets." This trailer just makes you wonder what they aren't showing you. This is the episode that is directed by Jodie Foster, by the way.

This feature-length Star Trek parody looks very much out of place compared with the others.

2016 A bunch of pals get into trouble when they accept an invitation to hang out at sweet Belize home of their rich friend Milo (Billy Zane), who has attained his wealthy through underworld connections.

Among the group are embittered teacher Joel (Ben Chaplin), ex-musician Lex (Michael Imperioli), family man Gus (Romany Malco), and goofy Cobi (Steve Zahn). The Woody Allen comedy takes place in the 1960s during turbulent times in the United States when a middle class suburban family is visited by a guest who turns their household completely upside down.” Allen himself stars alongside Miley Cyrus and Elaine May.

In this black and white and rather terrifying episode, we see Peake running the fuck away from a black dog after stumbling across something in a factory.

In this episode, Wright visits a museum full of criminological artefacts, and is told by the curator that "if it did something bad, chances are it's in here." You slowly see her descend into a world full of madness, blood, and pain. After De Witt's daughter goes missing for a short period, we see a kid being injected with something. In this episode, we see Sawar using a device that allows access the memories of people she is interviewing, in relation to an incident that has just taken place.

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The No Doubt singer, 48, documented their outdoor adventures in multiple Instagram Stories on Thursday, December 28.

Some of Kylie Jenner’s fans are convinced the makeup mogul has already given birth and they’re sharing their interesting theories on Twitter.

Following months of silence from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star about her pregnancy, fans have started to speculate that her recent absence from social media suggests […] What baby bump?

The series also stars Lily Collins, Dominique Mc Elligott, Enzo Clienti, Koen De Bouw, Mark O’Brien, Rosemarie De Witt.

The series was canceled only a few weeks after it premiered its first season.

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